About Us

Community Hospice_verticalCommunity Hospice is a non-profit, community based hospice agency that has been serving the Central Valley since 1979. The opportunity to help our community has been and will continue to be a privilege and an honor. As a non-profit hospice agency we vow to help patients and families regardless of ability to pay, and we stand true to that vow daily. Hospice services can be quite costly, but that does not sway Community Hospice from assisting the uninsured and those who are unable to afford the daily costs. Whether we assist patients and families in their personal residence, nursing home, residential care facility, or at our 16-bed inpatient hospice facility, the Alexander Cohen Hospice House, we are determined to serve the people of our communities.

In 1993, Community Hospice opened the doors of the first Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Store on North McHenry Avenue. Today, there are seven Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores, a Logistics Center as well as an Automotive Division in locations across the Central Valley. For more than 20 years the Community Hospice Hope Chests Thrift Stores have supported the Community Hospice mission, to embrace individuals and families facing life-changing journeys, enhancing quality of life for all. The Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores play a critical role in covering the costs of bereavement support, Camp Erin® of the Central Valley, education, and hospice services provided in our communities, services that most likely would not be available without their support.

The Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores receive donations of all kinds from the generosity of the community and local retailers. All items are examined carefully and if able to be used, they are cleaned and placed on the sales floor to be resold. As we insist on being environmentally friendly, the Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores recycles most items that cannot be resold. Proceeds generated from the Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores help offset the cost of Community Hospice services and all proceeds stay in the community.

For additional information about Community Hospice and our services, visit www.hospiceheart.org or call 209.578.6300.

Community Hospice Logistics Center

The Community Hospice 20,000-square-foot Logistic Center serves as the distribution center for the Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores and the Durable Medical Equipment Division. As Community Hospice continues to touch more lives in the community, the Logistics Center provides adequate space to accommodate growth.

At the Logistic Center, The Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores recycle unsellable items including linens, shoes, hard plastics, books, belts and purses, cardboard and soft toys. Donated clothing is brought to the Logistics Center for processing where it is sorted, hung and tagged. Every day approximately 20 racks of clothing is produced and shipped to individual  Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Store locations.

In 2014, over 739,000 pounds of unsellable clothing and shoes (ripped, torn and stained items) was recycled. Salvage clothing is bailed and shipped to one of several vendors that reimburse at a per pound rate. Through a partnership with California Electronic Asset Recovery, all unsellable electronics (e-waste) is recycled. In 2014, more than 566,000 pounds of e-waste was recycled. Through a partnership with American Recycling in Ceres, CA we were able to recycle 172,000 pounds of cardboard, metal, and unsellable books and plastics in 2014.

John Renner

Interim President/CEO
Director of Operations
[email protected]

Mr. John Renner has more than 20 years of retail experience and 15 of those in retail management. He oversees the retail operations of the Community Hospice Hope Chest Thrift Stores, Community Hospice Auto Division and Community Hospice Logistics Division.